About us

We are convinced that the central answers to pressing questions of our time can only be found in an exchange between art, society, politics and science. Our goal is therefore to bring together committed voices from as diverse a range of disciplines as possible in a place that acts as a laboratory for the development and exchange of bold ideas.

We are interested in the coming together of people with different ideas, views and desires. That's why we facilitate projects from very different fields such as art, society, technology, politics, science, activism, crafts or agriculture.

Cima Città is a place of retreat and exchange that offers uncomplicated, accessible and cost-effective generous and inspiring spaces. In this way, it creates freedoms and opportunities that are difficult to be found elsewhere. In Cima Città, therefore, projects can be researched and developed in a protected place that does not yet need large audiences, is still uncertain or is only in the making phase. Based on this, we would like to see projects that dare to experiment and break new ground.

Cima Città is above all a place that lives through its guests and a large network of members, interested people, neighbours and friends. That's why we try to be at Cima Città ourselves as often as possible, to spend time together, to participate in the projects or to act as hosts.



Cima Città is supervised and managed by a team of seven and currently consists of Alan Alpenfelt, Luk von Blarer, Stefan Breit, Francesca Giardina, Lorenz Hubacher, Lea Loeb and Maximilian Stern. We have backgrounds in art, politics, technology, activism, and science and hail from German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino. We work independently and voluntarily for the project. Behind Cima Città is the non-profit association Re/fugium, founded in 2015.