The Cima Città premises can be rented for working stays such as research, music rehearsals, workshops, retreats or project weeks by bands, independent groups, associations, collectives, universities or individuals. The stay can last for a maximum of one month and the costs must be borne by the guests. Inquiries are accepted at any time.

Cima Città offers spacious and inspiring accommodation for up to 15 people, large work spaces, a rehearsal room for dance and performance, a workshop, a studio, a music rehearsal room and a vegetable garden. During a stay, the entire infrastructure of the Cima Città can be used after consulting with the other residence guests. The rooms that do not belong to Cima Città are not available, however they can be rented on request. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate groups significantly larger than 15 persons. Please inquire directly at the "Adula" guest house, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the factory.
We prefer projects that can identify with Cima Città.

Rental request

Please provide the dates you would like to come to Cima Città. You can provide multiple periods. This makes it easier for us to find space for you.
What are you planning to do at Cima Città?
Tell us more about your stay:
Are you willing to share rooms within your group (we have double rooms)?
Are you travelling with kids or animals?
Are travelling by car?
Would you like to rent the whole house?
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Do you have special needs regarding infrastructure?
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  • Einer der Arbeitsräume von Cima Città
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