Suddenly Dropped – concert and performance

  • Flyer Suddenly Dropped

March 22 2023, 6 pm @Cima Città

“Suddenly dropped” is a cozy local event in Cima Norma former chocolate factory, where visual art, music and performance intertwine with each other.
The story behind this event is a meeting of former Couch Surfing friends Michelle, Ania, and Tao, who once met in Kyiv and did not see each other for 11 years until the war in Ukraine started and their lives suddenly dropped in Zurich Kanton and they met once again. And now they will perform together in beautiful and amazing Val Blenio welcoming the Spring.

While Michelle is an artist and a musician, her life is a true art experiment itself. She is constantly moving in space and time, changing settings, sceneries, and lifestyles. Meanwhile, she is looking for peace in the moments and observing fluctuations between people and objects and interactions within the small and the big universes. She will present the vocal experiments that she is constantly conducting within different collaborations.

Ania is a visual artist, she hid her drawings, that are relating to Cima Norma's story around the place and is waiting for the curious eyes that are willing to discover. She will also make a performance that is relating to her thoughts about soil and birth and eventually an experiment of rebirth will take place. When Ania told the idea of this performance to her family, her daughter said it was way too strange :)

And Tao is constantly moved by musical research and experiments a lot with sounds and noises combining them into lyrical electronic compositions. He also connected his music to the Cima Norma by doing some field recordings here.