Fieldwork week

The Chair of Being Alive at ETH Zurich organizes a five-days workshop at Cima Città from 15th - 19th of August 2022 to test fieldwork methods. Participants will study soils, vegetation, trees and other living systems.

The week is open to anyone interested in fieldwork - gardeners or gamers, nerds or amateurs, farmers or students. The methods experimented with are as simple and accessible to everyone as possible, without the need for expensive equipment or niche knowledge. The goal of the week is to create a space to develop these methods, learn new ones and share ideas with each other.

The team is not made up of professionals, but is happy to share everything they know. They envision the workshop to be informal but committed to the goal of the week as described above. Participants may also come for shorter visits.

Registration and more information:

Person macht einen Handstand in einem Bodenprofil im Wald