Subsidized residences

Cima Città publishes a "Call for Projects" every year and supports a selection of projects by covering the costs incurred for accommodation and infrastructure for a period of maximum two weeks.

The call for applications is aimed at artists, scientists, craftspeople, activists, nerds, and anybody who is looking for a suitable place to engage in an intensive research phase. Each year, a theme is chosen to serve as inspiration for the application. Interested parties can apply to the annual call for applications, which is published in the fall of each year. The application deadline for residencies in the following calendar year is December of the current year.

The application period for the Call for Projects 2024 with the title "Imaginary landscapes - Countering dystopian perspectives" runs until December 31, 2023.

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Time slots
15 - 28 April 2024
10 - 23 Juni 2024
12. - 25. August 2024
You can choose multiple slots. Please select all slots that work for you.
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